Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flag day report

The plan was to have a Flag day rally in Wellington and Christchurch this year. The aim was to defend our flag against trash who run it into the ground. We aren't quite sure who we mean by that, probably everyone we don't like.
Having two rallies was a great idea cos some of us are on bail and cant travel, plus some of us cant be in the same town without punching each other.
Christchurch was OK. We marched into town and then stood around looking tough for a while. We got yelled at by Ruth Carr, the singer from Minuit, also we were outnumber slightly by local teenagers who were calling us ignorant nazi morons. How unfair.

In Wellington our glorious leader Vince Stephens led us round and round for a bit. Vince has told the media many times he is not a nazi. they just don't listen. Sorry about the lack of info, Hes a bit upset at the moment. i wonder why?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paul henry is inocent!

we are encouraging all our members to write letters to protest against Paul Henry being forced to resign. Heres one for you to copy.

i cant beleive paul henrey resined! there is no FREEEDOM OF SPEACH in this cuntry itsPC GONE MAD!!! in the NANNYSTATE amd were all going to hell in a hambasket he sed wot we were all thinkin and it was funny wot about HONEY HAWARA and the marois party and they get away wif anyfing and paul henrey cant bcoz of the COMINIST socilist who get ofended by anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is a slipry slope it wont be long befor u cant say anyfing about anyone on tv without rent amob crazy tree-hunging limp risted namby-pamby powers-that-be socialite comuists femists will wave a flag at u and WILLY JAKSON can get away wif anyfing bcoz hes MAROI and MAORIS can get away with anything! bcoz u cant be rasict if your a maroi! paul henery was a hero of the cummon man he was the only one who speaked the truth and he got LINCHED by the PCBRIGADE and there LINCHMOB WICH HUNT they should be shamed!!! wot he sed wasnt even rasict or homforbic or sexicm or anyfing i know bcoz i wasnot offedneded! WOT HAPENED TO MY CUNTRY! this is like NAZI GERMENY!

thanks boganette

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paul Henry for President!

crikey, that Paul Henry bloke is a bit of alright isn't he? Normally its just slightly thick nazi skinheads that say this stuff out loud. Most racists are so afraid of "political correctness gone mad" (i.e. most people find open racism deeply offensive for some reason, can't think why) they keep it to themselves. Now finally a mainstream TV host is brave enought o say what he thinks without fear of offending half the country. thats what we like. And a special thanks to TVNZ spokesperson Andi Brotherston hit the nail on the head when she said Paul Henry was
"Prepared to say the things we quietly think but are afraid to say out loud". There are lots of racist bigots in New Zealand and sadly most are too scared to join the glorious New Zealand National Frunt, which means we only have a few skinheads and other social misfits as members. Andi Brotherston and Paul Henry are welcome to join us! we would love to have them. please, we are desperate!