Friday, December 17, 2010

We are men of action . .

Oh yes we are men of action. It may look as though we are a sad bunch of drunk old boneheads who talk shit about the race war to impressionable young idiots but never quite get around to doing anything but, well, we might not be.

We just had a very successful visit by Paul Fromm, a old canadian neo nazi whoopps I mean patriot who is concerned about immigration. Paul visited Christchurch recently to talk shit with the usual suspects, including a talk to the local crew, and a quick phone call to Kerry and Colin.

Right Wing Resistance is celebrating its second birthday in March 2011 with the usual white pride rally and a gig featuring a band made up up of sad old boneheads drunkenly singing of white glory or something. Even Kyle will be there, celebrating his fortieth birthday. Our movement is really moving along, after decades we are still relying on the same old windbags to organise and lead us. We are men of action.

PS A leading RWR member who was facing serious charges in court recently had all charges dropped for no reason at all. nothing to see here. move along . .