Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tribute to the lads

Thank you to the brothers who once again came out, even when its not convenient. They come out with the Club to help raise awareness and to promote our cause. They work for our people even when most of our people don't care, even when most of our people hate us for it.

RWR is the most active WN org in NZ. This get proven more and more. We are now at the stage where we can hold small insignificant events without having to call on the moronic drunks who make up most of the NZ bonehead scene

Last night 15 of us went into the middle of the mainly asian areas and put up posters and mailboxed flyers saying "stop the asian invasion". We are really brave and awesome. Recently we also had a anti crime patrol where we walked around and beat up anyone young and brown (and smaller than us) and stole their marker pens. Some call this stupidity, we call it anti tagging patrol. Two of us got arrested. this is outrageous, what is the world coming too when a bunch of skinheads cant even wander around the streets at night assaulting people. this is more proof that we are right. somehow.

We are the Frontline now of White Nationalism in New Zealand. As in slightly less shit than all the rest of the losers.