Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Right Wing Resistance Street patrols

Our street patrols have been in the news lately. Here's an actual picture of our Christchurch Street patrol group. the aim is to get more nazi skinheads out on the street, and this will somehow cut the crime rate, or something.

Stop laughing, we are serious!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flag Day 2009

we will have a full report on Flag day very soon. Sorry for the delay, we are just dealing with a few issues at the moment . . .
Firstly, no one turned up to our annual rally except the usual bonehead losers. Hell, even the lefties decided we werent worth the bother and had no chance of recruiting anyone who wasnt already a moronic loser.
Secondly, all the media coverage was focused on how no one likes us
Thirdly, Kyles having a few difficulties at home right now.

As soon as we sort these problems out, normal racist ranting will resume

We love Nick Griffin of the BNP

check out our hero, Nick Griffin, leader of the British nazi party, whoops, I mean the British National Party

Kyle reely wants to be be respectable like Nick Griffin

Friday, October 23, 2009

noble maidens are all class

fuck we are classy
I cant imagine why we dont have hundreds of members flocking to join us.

the boyfreind looks pretty switched on as well!

Hutt Park Holiday Camp

Gee, we would reely like to thank the Hutt Park Holiday Camp. Its not every holiday camp that would repeatedly host a bunch of racist nazi fuckwits year after year
Hell, we even got exposed doing nazi salutes at the park in todays newspaper and still they supported us!

We usually try not to be openly nazi in public cos it makes us look like idiots, but its a constant struggle due to the fact that most of our supporters are immensely stupid. As our glorius leader Colin Ansell said to the DomPost, he will jump on any members silly enough to salute in public, and being jumped on by Colin is no laughing matter, Hes a big boy.

Anyway, bit thanks to janna Cox and the others at Hutt Park Holiday Camp, we couldnt do it without you. Please phone the Hutt Park Holiday Camp and thank them for supporting neo nazis

Hutt Park Holiday Camp
95 Hutt Park Road,
Lower Hutt

Reservation cancellation Freephone: 0800 488 872
Email: info@huttpark.co.nz

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet the Master Race #2: Kerry Bolton

Our Kerry is a funny one
Hes been around since he was 14, when he joined the National Socialist Party. But, he’s not a Nazi. He also founded the order of Odin, several Satanist groups and holds the world record for the number of failed fascist political groups ever started by one man. Kerrys main problem is that no one likes him, so its hard for him to keep a group going. He founded the National Frunt way back in 1977 has quit or been thrown out pretty much annually ever since.

Kerry is a prolific author, he sits in his room writing furiously about how NZ was settled by funny little white people before the Maori settled here. He also edits about 15 obscure magazines covering conspiracy theories, communist plots, jewish conspiracies, Nazi memorabilia, Odin, Satan, how white apartheid south Africa was betrayed by communists, and all sorts of shit really. But, he’s not a Nazi!

He sells books about nazis and jewish conspiracies, and about how the holocaust never happened, all available via mail order. But, he’s not a Nazi!

Yup, Kerry might be a revolutionary conservative fascist who longs for a glorious nationalist leader to abolish democracy and take back our country from the evil jewish conspiracy that’s behind everything only you cant see it, and if you dotn believe me just look at the evidence (and remember kids the lack of evidence only proves how clever the conspiracy is!) but he’s certainly not a nazi.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kyle said we have to get new members otherwise he will resign again.
so heres our new recruiting poster

Friday, October 16, 2009

Survive Club

Heres a video of us doing survive club training

we are awesum aye? especially Jason "theres an air of stupidity out there" Orme
hell we are lucky to have him
like it says in the video, we do have lots of members who are doctors lawyers accountants and respectable people.
its just a shame that the only people who could come on the day were slightly dopey looking . .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet the Master race #1: Kyle Chapman

In this series we take a look at some of the high quality specimens that play a key part in our glorious movement. First up, Kyle Chapman

Kyle Chapman has been around the nazi scene for twenty years

Born in Towermaranueey, he soon moved to Invercargill, because toe mara neuey was too hard to say, let alone spell properly. When he was 14 he joined the National Frunt and several skinheads gangs. He quickly rose to a prominent position in the nazi skinhead gang scene due to his ability to read and write (well, only just, but that’s all it takes in the nazi scene!)

He later admitted to several racially motivated arson attacks. Then he got a qualification as a social worker and convinced the Christchurch City Council to fund him to reedumicate lost skinheads into a more productive lifestyle. They soon cut the funding when they found out he was training them up to be little racist nazis.

In 2004 he emerged as a high profile leader of the NZ National Frunt and spent many hours explaining to the media why he hated Asians, hung out with bonehead criminals, stood around doing nazi salutes and playing with guns in his bedroom, but still wasn’t a nazi really! He ran for the mayoralty of Christchurch and got a stunning 1.9% of the vote.

He was forced to give it all up after his children were being shunned at school because of the profile of their father.

He dabbled in politics with various other political parties that went nowhere, and then started up the survive club. This where Kyle and his mates spend there weekends in the bush playing with guns and trying to capture and cook stray hedgehogs.

In January 2009 Chapman started asking for donations to create a European-only "protected community" in North Canterbury. His intention was to “build a unified mini state that we could build up in future to be a base for other like minded Europeans to come to from other dying countries.”

The compound would have a school, accommodation, a meeting house for leaders, and a training area for sport fighting and survival training. Chapman was concerned that the all male atmosphere could create a “sousage fest” so he suggested importing mail order brides from eastern Europe to solve this alarming problem.

Then Kyle found love, moved to Hamilton and married a mormon (his fourth wife)

She has been quoted as saying he “is very fertile”. Which is good news for the white race I’m sure you will agree.

Of course Kyle didn’t really give it all up. He only said that to impress his wife. He’s been spending plenty of time behind the scenes organising the right wing resistance in Christchurch. RWR are a bunch of dodgy criminal looking skinhead dudes who do crime patrols to keep the streets safe from dodgy criminals.

Kyle is also helping to organise the annual Flag day rally in Wellington this month. He’s a bit concerned that no one will come, or worse still, everyone will ignore him..

Hello New Zealand

Welcome to the NZ National Frunt Website.
We have set up this website to explain ourselves. Many people get the impression we are a bunch of moronic neo nazi scumbags and thugs.
Mostly we are fine upstanding patriots who are proud of our country and nothing more.
All that stuff about holocaust denial, nazi salutes, and racist attacks is not true. Well, OK, its kinda true, but mostly not, or something..
its really difficult sometimes, being a nazi and loving all that hitler stuff, and then being proud of our old soldiers who fought against, er, nazis, and all that, really confusing actually, it makes my head hurt if I think about it too much.

PS sorry about the spelling mistakes