Saturday, March 23, 2013

White Pride March 2013

We had a great day yesterday in Christchurch. The sun was shining, and a collection of racists from all over the country got to march up and down the street together. As always Kyle has declared the event a complete success and is claiming 80 people were there. As he says “a bit of a drop from last year”. You can only see thirty of us in the photos, the other fifty were invisible or something. And some people got lost on the way but we counted them anyway. This was a pretty good number considering we only had a year to organise it. A counter rally was organised by evil communists and they managed to get about 200 people to their march. The reason they can get twice the numbers with only a few days notice is because they are communists and have secret communist recruiting methods. It is NOT because we are incredibly unpopular. Honest.

Anyway the best bit was our spiffing new uniforms. Kyle designed them all by himself. We are so lucky to have Kyle. he could easily get a job as a top fashion designer and leave us to linger in jeans and t shirts. Being a fascist is all about looking good, and we like to dress up. Our uniforms are just like 1930s and 1940s nazi uniforms only ours are a slightly looser fit as most of us are a bit tubby cos of all the beer and pies. Black is a good colour, much better than all the rainbows and stuff the commies had at the counter rally.

We keep saying we are getting new recruits. One day it will be true.

Most of the new faces were, well, old faces. Like this guy.

Steve Larsen (above) also turned up so we gave him one of our uniforms to wear. Steve is an old mate from Wellington. He is a bit paranoid, but we like him so we let him hang out with us skinheads.

Our good friend Jim Saleam from the Australia First Party also spoke. Jim has a vast amount of experience in the Australian White Power scene. He is a hard man who has been involved in pretty much every violent incident or serious crime connected with the Australian neo nazi scene in the last forty years. He encouraged racist campaigns against Lebanese immigrants at Cronulla a few years ago. Jim really does not like Lebanese immigrants. Especially his parents.

Then we all went home and sat around drinking till the morning. Long Live the White Revolution!