Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christchurch Election meeting

A highly planned military action took place last night in Christchurch. A team of highly trained commandos carried out a precision intervention against a small group of elderly people. We achieved total surprise (mainly cos the meeting was so dull that most people had fallen asleep) and delivered our message that civil war was around the corner. An agent of the multicultural marxist zionist conspiracy, (cunningly disguised as a little old lady) shooed us out of the meeting. we made a strategic withdrawal at this point, leaving a few badly worded flyers. The resistance has begun.

It is now only a matter of time before the people of Christchurch rise up, shave their heads, and put on their army surplus jackets . . .

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our brothers in England

we are an internationalist nationalist movement so obviously we support our white brothers in overseas countries. Like in England.

These heroes are members of the English Defence League, and this photo was taken on remembrance day, when we remember our old soldiers, who died fighting some dodgy foreign types. they are waving the flag, and the guy in front doing a nazi salute is even wearing a poppy, in remembrance of all those who died fighting, er, dodgy foreigners . . .

cos we hate the jews and foreigners, and we like war, and we honour soldiers, fighting to get rid of the jews and foreigners, and the soldiers fighting the soldiers who were trying to get rid of the jews and, er, seig heil, and, honour our old soldiers cos they were great, they did a brave thing fighting nazis, and, er, we will never forget them, and um ..

oh fuck, my head hurts.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Flag day speech

or speach as Kyles spells it

no further comment is necessary, just listen to the speech and you too will be amazed at his awesomeness, we really are grateful we have him as our leader

A great day, as our report states over sixty people present. or possibly fifty. There were so many it was hard to count them all, especially as many of them were hiding behind the camera, which is why you cant actually see that many people in the video.

they way our numbers keep growing the race war will be over before it even starts.

we outnumbered the left wing enemy. mainly cos they didn't turn up. cos they were scared of us. honest. no other explanation possible

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clown Power

Kyle wants ice cream!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doing our bit in Christchurch

The last few months have been pretty hectic. We spent 2010 running around in the bush with our Survive Club, preparing for survival and self defence in the event of a major disaster. In September a major earthquake hit Christchurch, and then we had another one on February 22nd, this time with hundreds killed. Aftershocks continue daily and large parts of the eastern suburbs are without sewage and reliable water supply. Since the major issues facing people in Christchurch have been daily news, we thought it was time for an update on what the Survive Club has been doing.

The short answer is, well, nothing. After the first quake we had a meeting and decided that all our bush training with guns and land rovers was kind of pointless, and that maybe having an emergency water supply bottles around the house was a bit more practical. After that we did nothing at all. Instead our Christchurch based survival team focused our efforts on putting racist flyers in Auckland letterboxes.

Now, after a national recruiting tour by our glorious leader, we are back on the streets of Christchurch, planning anti graffiti patrols. Apparently graffiti is a major issue in Christchurch at the moment, so we are doing our bit. And yes, yet another uniform tshirt is being designed. As usual, it will be black with white printed skulls and stuff on it, extra large and made in China!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the recent leafleting campaign and Kyle gets dumped again!

This week has been a bit hectic. our glorious leader has been very busy (and we are not talking about his breeding programme)
Kyle has written an analysis of recent media events here. what a work of genius.
Especially when you consider he has recently turned forty and apparently been dumped again. He certainly has a way with women and with words. I think the hairdo is a big part of this. that's why he is in charge

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we like the dumb media

ah man, cant believe how dumb the media is
There we were, a sad pack of bonehead losers with no chance of recruiting anyone to out little club, and our genius Fuhrer Kyle cums up with an idea to get us on TV
we put out lots of racist fliers, the media falls for it and Kyle gets to go on TV and in the paper and says hes not a racist.

And they believe him!

Wow, we were really worried that the media might ignore us totally or point out that in reality we are a drinking club for half a dozen fucked up drug addled boneheads. The amount of free publicity we are getting is amazing. with a bit of luck we may even recruit a couple of young idiots to join.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rise into the Brotherhood!

we have a special club.

if you want to be in our club you have to ask kyle. Kyle gets to be the boss of the club, mainly cos he is good at making up ceremoneys
there is a special ceremony if you want to join our club. Kyle made it up all by himself. its based on ancient white racial heritage stuff, with swords and sacred oaths and special t shirts for members only. This special ancient white aryan ceremony would normally take place in an ancient sacred place with blood sacrifices and yodelling, but instead we just had it in Kyles living room but thats Ok, cos we did have a proper sword, and we swore an oath just like the vikings did. at east I think thats what the vikings did, or was it the ancient norse warriors. not sure actually, but it was pretty cool! While its true some of our older members do look a bit like drugged up old fuckwits with bad tattoos and lots of missing teeth, we think we look realy cool when we get together in matching shirts and shaved heads. we look awesome!

we even made a video, and put cool music over the top and special graphics with sparkly bits . . check it out

sorry about the spelling . . .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tribute to the lads

Thank you to the brothers who once again came out, even when its not convenient. They come out with the Club to help raise awareness and to promote our cause. They work for our people even when most of our people don't care, even when most of our people hate us for it.

RWR is the most active WN org in NZ. This get proven more and more. We are now at the stage where we can hold small insignificant events without having to call on the moronic drunks who make up most of the NZ bonehead scene

Last night 15 of us went into the middle of the mainly asian areas and put up posters and mailboxed flyers saying "stop the asian invasion". We are really brave and awesome. Recently we also had a anti crime patrol where we walked around and beat up anyone young and brown (and smaller than us) and stole their marker pens. Some call this stupidity, we call it anti tagging patrol. Two of us got arrested. this is outrageous, what is the world coming too when a bunch of skinheads cant even wander around the streets at night assaulting people. this is more proof that we are right. somehow.

We are the Frontline now of White Nationalism in New Zealand. As in slightly less shit than all the rest of the losers.