Monday, November 14, 2011

Our brothers in England

we are an internationalist nationalist movement so obviously we support our white brothers in overseas countries. Like in England.

These heroes are members of the English Defence League, and this photo was taken on remembrance day, when we remember our old soldiers, who died fighting some dodgy foreign types. they are waving the flag, and the guy in front doing a nazi salute is even wearing a poppy, in remembrance of all those who died fighting, er, dodgy foreigners . . .

cos we hate the jews and foreigners, and we like war, and we honour soldiers, fighting to get rid of the jews and foreigners, and the soldiers fighting the soldiers who were trying to get rid of the jews and, er, seig heil, and, honour our old soldiers cos they were great, they did a brave thing fighting nazis, and, er, we will never forget them, and um ..

oh fuck, my head hurts.

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