Saturday, March 23, 2013

White Pride March 2013

We had a great day yesterday in Christchurch. The sun was shining, and a collection of racists from all over the country got to march up and down the street together. As always Kyle has declared the event a complete success and is claiming 80 people were there. As he says “a bit of a drop from last year”. You can only see thirty of us in the photos, the other fifty were invisible or something. And some people got lost on the way but we counted them anyway. This was a pretty good number considering we only had a year to organise it. A counter rally was organised by evil communists and they managed to get about 200 people to their march. The reason they can get twice the numbers with only a few days notice is because they are communists and have secret communist recruiting methods. It is NOT because we are incredibly unpopular. Honest.

Anyway the best bit was our spiffing new uniforms. Kyle designed them all by himself. We are so lucky to have Kyle. he could easily get a job as a top fashion designer and leave us to linger in jeans and t shirts. Being a fascist is all about looking good, and we like to dress up. Our uniforms are just like 1930s and 1940s nazi uniforms only ours are a slightly looser fit as most of us are a bit tubby cos of all the beer and pies. Black is a good colour, much better than all the rainbows and stuff the commies had at the counter rally.

We keep saying we are getting new recruits. One day it will be true.

Most of the new faces were, well, old faces. Like this guy.

Steve Larsen (above) also turned up so we gave him one of our uniforms to wear. Steve is an old mate from Wellington. He is a bit paranoid, but we like him so we let him hang out with us skinheads.

Our good friend Jim Saleam from the Australia First Party also spoke. Jim has a vast amount of experience in the Australian White Power scene. He is a hard man who has been involved in pretty much every violent incident or serious crime connected with the Australian neo nazi scene in the last forty years. He encouraged racist campaigns against Lebanese immigrants at Cronulla a few years ago. Jim really does not like Lebanese immigrants. Especially his parents.

Then we all went home and sat around drinking till the morning. Long Live the White Revolution!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flag Day 2012

Our annual Flag Day in Wellington was a huge success this weekend. Apart from all the people who couldn't come. We would have had hundreds of supporters, honestly, but some of our most loyal supporters decided that a drunken birthday party in Christchurch was more important than our nations future. Oh well, I guess twenty five is not too bad. The media had a frenzy trying to blame us for desecrating Jewish graves in Auckland. Which was totally unfair, I mean, surely we aren't the only group in the country to have a membership made of of Neo Nazi shitbags, and who are desperate for publicity because everyone keeps ignoring us and the only way we can get on the telly is by being as offensive and disgusting as possible? Anyway, it worked, and we got on telly. Here is our glorious leader. Colin Ansell even said he felt sorry for the people who had their sacred monuments desecrated. Colin knows all about desecrating sacred monuments. He used to do it quite a lot. He was imprisoned for vandalising a synagogue in 1967. Luckily no one in the media picked that one up! At our AGM this weekend we will be discussing which way forward for our movement. Kyle wants to talk tough and hand out little badges to everyone who joins the Right Wing Resistance, while Colin Ansell's strategy is to keep telling the news media we are slightly hopeless and all our members are a bit thick. Both strategies appeal to our target market of immensely stupid drug addled old nazi skinheads but they are kind of contradictory.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

How many times do we have to say this, we are not nazis

We are honest hard working white folks, but we are not nazis. Some of us even have jobs. Well OK, just a couple of us, the rest are from Invercargill

Kyle Chapman in the centre, looking good as always. They are not doing a Nazi salute they is just waving. On the far right (ho ho) is our Wellington coordinator Vince Stephens. The other three are too modest to tell us their names but please let us know, they are such handsome young men and fine examples of Aryan breeding, we really would like to know their names.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marching in Riccarton

Our glorious leader Kyle Chapman is a man of action and does not muck around when it comes to saving our nation. Why waste time on solving the very real problems of Christchurch when it is so much easier to organise a march of idiots through the middle class neighbourhood of Riccarton. The sight of 70-80 inbred idiots with more hair than brains will shock the middle classes into calling the media and Kyle will get his name in the paper again! The idea is if this happens enough times, people will stop laughing at us in the street and decide to join us instead. For this to work we have to look like we are a threat to the establishment. This is why we like provoking middle class liberals. Most working class people hate smug middle class liberals telling them what to do. Sadly for us, most working class people also hate ignorant drug addled racists. One day we would attract supporters who are not long term members of the South island skinhead scene but for now we have to make do with what we have.

Here we are marching towards victory and looking determined in the face of the enemy, or a few bemused shoppers, or what ever. Maybe it will sound better if we put some cool music over the top of it? Did I say 70-80 inbred idiots? This is indeed the biggest gathering of neo nazi morons in the history of the country, but we can still exaggerate a bit, lets make it 120 people!
White pride! Wanna buy another T shirt?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keep NZ free of foreign disruption

Well, the New Zealand government and corporates are attacking workers and working conditions all over the country. We thought briefly about taking part in a campaign to stop the government selling off land to Chinese corporates as it would be really easy to turn this into a racist campaign. We also thought about helping locked out meat workers, especially as at least one of our members (Jamie Broadbridge) is directly affected by this, but in the end our stupidity got the better of us and we have decided to announce a campaign to ban the burqa

We are expecting masses of white working class people who are currently struggling alongside maori/pacific and other poor people to finally give up on trying to fight a common enemy and instead join the ranks of the National Frunt and confront the growing problem of evil headgear in our streets.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christchurch Election meeting

A highly planned military action took place last night in Christchurch. A team of highly trained commandos carried out a precision intervention against a small group of elderly people. We achieved total surprise (mainly cos the meeting was so dull that most people had fallen asleep) and delivered our message that civil war was around the corner. An agent of the multicultural marxist zionist conspiracy, (cunningly disguised as a little old lady) shooed us out of the meeting. we made a strategic withdrawal at this point, leaving a few badly worded flyers. The resistance has begun.

It is now only a matter of time before the people of Christchurch rise up, shave their heads, and put on their army surplus jackets . . .