Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marching in Riccarton

Our glorious leader Kyle Chapman is a man of action and does not muck around when it comes to saving our nation. Why waste time on solving the very real problems of Christchurch when it is so much easier to organise a march of idiots through the middle class neighbourhood of Riccarton. The sight of 70-80 inbred idiots with more hair than brains will shock the middle classes into calling the media and Kyle will get his name in the paper again! The idea is if this happens enough times, people will stop laughing at us in the street and decide to join us instead. For this to work we have to look like we are a threat to the establishment. This is why we like provoking middle class liberals. Most working class people hate smug middle class liberals telling them what to do. Sadly for us, most working class people also hate ignorant drug addled racists. One day we would attract supporters who are not long term members of the South island skinhead scene but for now we have to make do with what we have.

Here we are marching towards victory and looking determined in the face of the enemy, or a few bemused shoppers, or what ever. Maybe it will sound better if we put some cool music over the top of it? Did I say 70-80 inbred idiots? This is indeed the biggest gathering of neo nazi morons in the history of the country, but we can still exaggerate a bit, lets make it 120 people!
White pride! Wanna buy another T shirt?

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