Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rise into the Brotherhood!

we have a special club.

if you want to be in our club you have to ask kyle. Kyle gets to be the boss of the club, mainly cos he is good at making up ceremoneys
there is a special ceremony if you want to join our club. Kyle made it up all by himself. its based on ancient white racial heritage stuff, with swords and sacred oaths and special t shirts for members only. This special ancient white aryan ceremony would normally take place in an ancient sacred place with blood sacrifices and yodelling, but instead we just had it in Kyles living room but thats Ok, cos we did have a proper sword, and we swore an oath just like the vikings did. at east I think thats what the vikings did, or was it the ancient norse warriors. not sure actually, but it was pretty cool! While its true some of our older members do look a bit like drugged up old fuckwits with bad tattoos and lots of missing teeth, we think we look realy cool when we get together in matching shirts and shaved heads. we look awesome!

we even made a video, and put cool music over the top and special graphics with sparkly bits . . check it out

sorry about the spelling . . .