Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doing our bit in Christchurch

The last few months have been pretty hectic. We spent 2010 running around in the bush with our Survive Club, preparing for survival and self defence in the event of a major disaster. In September a major earthquake hit Christchurch, and then we had another one on February 22nd, this time with hundreds killed. Aftershocks continue daily and large parts of the eastern suburbs are without sewage and reliable water supply. Since the major issues facing people in Christchurch have been daily news, we thought it was time for an update on what the Survive Club has been doing.

The short answer is, well, nothing. After the first quake we had a meeting and decided that all our bush training with guns and land rovers was kind of pointless, and that maybe having an emergency water supply bottles around the house was a bit more practical. After that we did nothing at all. Instead our Christchurch based survival team focused our efforts on putting racist flyers in Auckland letterboxes.

Now, after a national recruiting tour by our glorious leader, we are back on the streets of Christchurch, planning anti graffiti patrols. Apparently graffiti is a major issue in Christchurch at the moment, so we are doing our bit. And yes, yet another uniform tshirt is being designed. As usual, it will be black with white printed skulls and stuff on it, extra large and made in China!