Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flag Day 2012

Our annual Flag Day in Wellington was a huge success this weekend. Apart from all the people who couldn't come. We would have had hundreds of supporters, honestly, but some of our most loyal supporters decided that a drunken birthday party in Christchurch was more important than our nations future. Oh well, I guess twenty five is not too bad. The media had a frenzy trying to blame us for desecrating Jewish graves in Auckland. Which was totally unfair, I mean, surely we aren't the only group in the country to have a membership made of of Neo Nazi shitbags, and who are desperate for publicity because everyone keeps ignoring us and the only way we can get on the telly is by being as offensive and disgusting as possible? Anyway, it worked, and we got on telly. Here is our glorious leader. Colin Ansell even said he felt sorry for the people who had their sacred monuments desecrated. Colin knows all about desecrating sacred monuments. He used to do it quite a lot. He was imprisoned for vandalising a synagogue in 1967. Luckily no one in the media picked that one up! At our AGM this weekend we will be discussing which way forward for our movement. Kyle wants to talk tough and hand out little badges to everyone who joins the Right Wing Resistance, while Colin Ansell's strategy is to keep telling the news media we are slightly hopeless and all our members are a bit thick. Both strategies appeal to our target market of immensely stupid drug addled old nazi skinheads but they are kind of contradictory.

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